Audio Mixing and Mastering 

$35/Song for mastering.  $35/hour for Mixing.  I use a combination of analog gear and digital tools that will give your tracks the warmth and clarity you're looking for, attaining a competitive level while retaining the dynamics.  If you are interested in having your tracks or album mixed and/or mastered, don't hesitate to reach out to me for more details!  /contact

Licensing and Commissioned Music

If you are looking for music for your film, documentary, blog, radio show, or advertisement and are interested in using my compositions and recordings, please don't hesitate to contact me regarding details and pricing.  I'm particularly interested in the realms of adventure film, climbing documentary and environmentalist messaging.  I'm open to hearing about any projects and can work with you to get you what you need.   I'm also willing to commission a work of music for your event, art or media. /contact

Guitar Tracks/Session Work/Production

If you need quality guitar tracks, acoustic or electric for your project please feel free to reach out.    I'll work with a range of styles.  I can work from your transcription, or even your rough audio and get you the tracks in your preferred format.  I can also program drums, add hand percussion and bass if you're a singer/songwriter looking to fill out your arrangement for a quality demo. /contact 

Guitar Lessons

$50/hour lesson.   Lessons available by video or locally in Fullerton, CA  /contact