Audio Mastering 

 I use a combination of analog gear from Maag, Manley and API and digital tools that will give your tracks the warmth and clarity you're looking for, attaining a competitive level while retaining the dynamics.  I see mastering as art and an important part in the creative process.  As a fellow musician I understand how important your music is to you and am committed to bringing you a quality end product with a fast turn around. 


If you are interested in having your tracks or album mastered, go ahead and reach out to me here:  /contact I will then provide you with an email address where you can send your music files through your preferred file sharing site as well as payment options. 

Once your songs are mastered I will typically send you a download link through google drives. I will gladly provide one round of free revisions if you find anything needs an additional adjustment.

If you would like to hear what mastering can do for your songs, I can provide a free sample clip of your song mastered to help you decide.